15 interesting facts about hippie

1. The hippie movement originated as a youth movement in the United States and Britain in the mid-1960s.

2. The term “hippie” was first used by San Francisco Chronicle journalist Herb Caan. The term referred to a group of young people in T-shirts, jeans, and long hair who protested against the Vietnam War.

3. The word hippie itself came from the words “hip” or “hipster,” which were used by beatniks to describe someone who was part of their scene. Literally it means “to know,” so “hip” is someone who “understood,” “realized,” who is wise.

4. hippies never called themselves that. They preferred to call themselves “fine people.”

5. During the birth of the hippie movement, the media tried its best to portray them in a negative light: poverty, life on the streets, drug deaths, teen pregnancy, and an anti-war movement that was splitting the country.

6. Sex for hippies has always been something spontaneous and noncommittal. If they were attracted to someone and the conditions were right, they would have sex. It could happen anywhere: at a festival, in a minibus, in the woods, or anywhere else. Free love was especially evident in the communes, where sex was shared openly.

7. The main problems of free sex for hippies were venereal diseases and teenage pregnancy.

8. A typical hippie car was a minibus or Volkswagen bus, sometimes old school buses were used, which were turned into homes for one to a dozen hippies. The cars were painted in bright colors and psychedelic patterns, most often depicting flowers, peace symbols, mystical symbols, or just the landscape.

9. Hippies preferred a variety of cuisines of the world, but with a bias toward vegetarianism. More often than not, they prepared inexpensive foods such as soups, salads, vegetable dishes, and desserts.

10. Hippies helped pass laws regulating organic production in many states. Organic farming, thanks to the hippies, is considered mainstream in the United States.

11 At the moment, the hippie movement is not as popular, but its representatives can be found in many countries around the world. The most famous modern hippie communities are in San Francisco (“People’s Park” and many others, USA) and Christiania (Denmark).

12. most often hippies use signs:

The pacific (“paw”) is a symbol of peace. Logo of the Nuclear Disarmament Organization, used for anti-war demonstrations as well;

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang symbol.

13. Hippies are tolerant of drugs. All their disagreement about drugs comes down only to whether they are a necessary and sufficient condition for the “expansion of consciousness.”

14. In 1967, there was also the Yippie movement (from the acronym YIP – Youth International Party), which brought together the hippies and the New Left movement in the USA. This alliance is best remembered for having nominated a pig named Pigasus for president of the United States.

15. Hippies included such popular people as Jimmie Hendrix, John Lennon, and Steve Jobs.

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