106 facts about Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is an outstanding actor, producer, director and musician. His biography and personal life are filled with grief and loneliness, his career is a constant climb.

Name: Keanu Charles Reeves
Date of birth: September 2, 1964
Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon
Nationality: Canada
Profession: Actor, film producer, musician, bassist
Career: 1984-present
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 84kg
So why does everyone love this actor so much and how does he manage to play such different and so colorful roles?

The filmography of the actor has dozens of famous paintings and stunning images. His ability to reincarnate from the protagonist of a touching melodrama into an irrepressible crime fighter has helped to win millions of fans.


The most interesting:

Keanu Reeves Biography

1. Full name

Keanu Charles Reeves is the name the boy was given at birth.

The name Keanu from the Hawaiian language translates as “cool wind over the mountains”.

2. Born in Beirut

The future actor was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

Reeves is a Canadian citizen, but it is difficult to attribute his nationality to a particular nation.

3. Keanu Reeves’ parents

Keanu was born into the family of costume designer Patricia Bond (maiden name Taylor) and geologist Samuel Knowlin Reeves Jr.

The mother is English. The father is American, born in Hawaii and has English, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian and Chinese roots. The couple met in Beirut when Patricia was working in that city. Samuel ended up in that city after being incarcerated in Hawaii on charges of selling heroin at the airport.

4. father abandoned son at age three

Keanu Reeves’ biography has been filled with unpleasant moments since his childhood.

When the boy was three years old, his father abandoned Keanu and his mother. After that, the actor does not maintain a relationship with his father.

But with his mother, he not only keeps in touch, but often appears at social events.

5. The family moved frequently

After her parents divorced, the Reeves family moved first to Australia and then to New York City. In that city, Patricia met and married Paul Aaron, a Broadway and Hollywood director. The family moved to Toronto.

Reeves’ childhood and youth were mostly spent in Toronto. And his upbringing was handled by his mother’s parents and babysitters.

6. Keanu Reeves’s sisters

Keanu has three sisters: his own Kim, two years younger than the actor, and half-sisters Carina, from her mother Patricia’s third husband, and Emma Rose, from her father Samuel’s second marriage.

7. Changed schools often as a child

In Toronto, the boy changed four schools in five years. Keanu was very naughty and could not keep his mouth shut, which caused a lot of problems. He was expelled from one school for another antics.

8. Disease that interferes with learning

As a child, Keanu suffered from dyslexia, a disease in which a person confuses letters and becomes difficult to read.

9. As a child, he wanted to be a professional hockey player

Intellectual work did not attract the young actor. The teenager became seriously interested in hockey.

At the position of hockey goalie Keanu earned the nickname “Wall”. However, fate has made an unpleasant surprise and this time – a knee injury put an end to his dreams of hockey.

10. Never got my high school diploma

When hockey had to be forgotten about, Keanu began attending an alternative free school (Avondale Alternative). It allowed him to get an education and work part-time as an actor at the same time. But in the end Reeves left school without receiving a high school diploma.

11. Encounter with the Ghost Suit

As a child with the actor had a fantastic incident. He, along with his nanny saw a ghost costume.

It was a double-breasted white suit, without arms, legs, head, only the suit entered the room and disappeared. Both the boy and the babysitter were stunned. After this incident he could not sleep peacefully for a long time.

12. Worked as a receptionist in a restaurant

As a young boy, Keanu worked as a receptionist at a pasta restaurant in Toronto.

The career of Keanu Reeves

13. The beginning of an acting career in theater

An acting career began for Keanu at age 9, the boy appeared in a theatrical production of the musical Damn Yankees.

At fifteen, he played the role of Mercutio in the theatrical production of Romeo and Juliet.

14. First appearance on the screens

The beginning of Reeves’ career in television is associated with the CBC channel.

He first appeared in episodic roles on the TV series “Hangin’ In” and “Night Heat” and in 1984 he worked as a correspondent on a youth program.

15. First commercial with Keanu Reeves

In the early ’80s, another job for the actor was shooting commercials. Viewers remember the Coca-Cola company commercials.


16. Was a correspondent

Worked as a correspondent for a radio company in Toronto – “Going Great” program.

17. First movie role

Made his debut on the big screens in Rob Lowe’s film Young Blood, shot in 1986 in Canada. Keanu received a minor role.

18. Moving to Hollywood

Realizing that an acting career can be fully developed only in Hollywood, the actor went in search of a better life in an old Volvo from 1969. In those days, the future celebrity lived with his ex-father-in-law Paul Aaron, a director and television director.

By the way, the stepfather convinced film producer Erwin Stoff to become Keanu’s manager and agent. This role is still held by Stoff to this day, and he also produces Reeves’ films.

Significant films from that period of his career:

  • River’s Edge (1987);
  • The Night Before (1988);
  • Permanent Record (1988);
  • The Prince of Pennsylvania (1988).

19. Breakthrough with the film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

For a while, the actor breaks from the occasional role, until he got on the set of the film “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” where he played the role of Ted Logan. The film became a cultural phenomenon in the film industry.

20. The beginning of a musical career

In the early ’90s, the actor joined the musical group Dogstar as a bassist. Although the band broke up, music played an important role in the actor’s life.

During their existence, the band had some success, in 1995 they opened for Bon Jovi at a concert in Australia. In 1999, the band played at the Glastonbury Music Festival.

In 1991, Keanu Reeves starred in the music video Paula Abdul – Rush, rush (Paula Abdul).

21. Development of an acting career

After his success in a youth film, Keanu Reeves’ career is on the rise, the actor receives invitations for roles in films:

  • Point Break (1991);
  • Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991);
  • My Own Private Idaho (1991);
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992);
  • Much Ado About Nothing (1993);
  • Little Buddha (1993).

22. A new breakthrough in his acting career

In 1994, the film “Speed” is released. The lead roles were played by Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. For Keanu, this is the first serious action role after a number of comedies and dramas.

23. Refused to participate in the filming of “Speed 2”

After the success of “Speed,” Reeves was immediately offered to star in the second part, but the actor declined. He preferred touring with a production of Hamlet.

24. Often refuses a portion of his fee

Often Reeves refuses a portion of the fee, so that the filmmakers invited famous actors for other roles. For example, the actor agreed to take a paltry fee for shooting in The Devil’s Advocate so that the producers could allow themselves to invite Al Pacino.

Also acted on the set of “The Replacements” leaving insignificant amounts for himself to get Gene Hackman into the film.

25. But sometimes turns down prominent colleagues as well

Not all actors get the chance to tare in a film with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. But it wasn’t a gift of fate for Keanu, and he turned down the role in “Hate” in favor of touring Hamlet, playing the 789-seat Manitoba Theatre.

26. A new career milestone came with the Wachowski trilogy

If after the box office movies “Speed” and “Devil’s Advocate” many people knew about Keanu, the success of the first film “The Matrix” brought worldwide fame. To this day, Keanu Reeves is associated with Neo.

After the international fame of the first part, the next two brought the actor even more popularity and a star on the Walk of Fame. The film itself made it to the top movies made in the 90s.


27. He’s not the only one who made a lot of money on “The Matrix”

Advance payment for his role in the movie “The Matrix” was 10 million dollars. After filming Reeves received another $35 million.

After the release of the film, Keanu divided multimillion-dollar fees between all employees who participated in the shooting. These were costume and makeup artists, special effects producers, etc. As Reeves said, “These people worked just as hard and deserved the award.”

It is estimated that the actor donated from the fees for filming all parts of the “Matrix” about $ 80 million.

The actor donated a Harley Davidson motorcycle to 12 stuntmen who performed dangerous stunts in the trilogy.

28. Successes after “The Matrix”

Luckily for Reeves himself, he did not become a hostage to one role. After playing the role of Neo, he landed roles in a variety of films, most of which were successful: “Sweet November”, “Constantine”, “The Lake House”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “47 Ronin”, “John Wick”.

29. Keanu Reeves now

Fresh works include “Destination Wedding”, “Replicas”, “John Wick 3” and “Bill & Ted Face the Music” where Keanu Reeves returns to the role of Ted Logan.

The actor continues to star in films: preparing to rent a feature-length cartoon about SpongeBob, is working on the films “The Matrix 4”, “John Wick 4.

Filming of the new Matrix takes place in San Francisco, Chicago and German cities, but is suspended because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. In the new part of “The Matrix” not only Reeves will return to his role, but also Carrie-Anne Moss. Another surprise is Neil Patrick Harrys role as the villain.

Personal life of Keanu Reeves

30. Keanu Reeves has long been lonely

The talented and interesting actor has never been married, he can rarely be found in the company of the opposite sex, and in company in general. He celebrated his 50th birthday modestly with his sister, at home.

31. Keanu Reeves and Jill Scholen

The young actors met in 1986 on the set of “Babes in Toyland”. The couple did not advertise their feelings, the relationship lasted for 3 years until Jill left with Brad Pitt.

32. Keanu Reeves and Sofia Coppola

With the daughter of the famous director Francis Ford Coppola, Keanu met on the set of “Dracula”. The young couple lasted almost a year, but it did not come to an official relationship again.

33. Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme

In 1999, he began a relationship with actress Jennifer Syme. The girl became pregnant and was getting ready to give birth in early 2000. The couple was going to name their daughter Ava Archer Syme Reeves.

Unfortunately, in late 1999, a week before the birth, the doctor stopped hearing the baby’s heartbeat. An ultrasound showed that the girl died in the womb, the cause of death being a blood clot in the umbilical cord.

On April 2, 2001, Jennifer Syme herself was involved in a car accident while returning from a party at the home of musician Marilyn Manson. The girl lost control of her car and crashed into parked cars.

Due to not wearing her seatbelt, Jennifer flew out the windshield. The girl died instantly. Police believed Jennifer was under the influence of medication or drugs at the time of the accident, but there is little detailed information about that accident.

Keanu Reeves buried his girlfriend in Los Angeles’ Westwood Cemetery next to the grave of their stillborn daughter.

David Lynch dedicated the film Mulholland Drive (2001) to Jennifer Syme, as noted in the film’s closing credits.

34. Keanu Reeves and Claire Forlani

The actor was rumored to have been dating Claire for several years and was even going to propose. But the girl soon began a relationship with Dougray Scott.

35. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock relationship rumors

The couple played their feelings so convincingly in the movie “Speed” that the media immediately started rumors that the actors started dating. Everything remained at the level of rumors, but years later, Sandra admitted that she fell in love with Keanu during the filming.

And he in turn, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, said that he was also in love with Bullock at the time.

36. Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron relationship rumors

Another film partner is Charlize Theron. Rumors of their romance have faded and revived again, all because they were friends and often spent time together.

Actors often called each other and supported each other in difficult situations, but gradually drifted apart, so the crush never grew into a relationship.

37. Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie relationship rumors

In the summer of 2019, the media swelled with rumors that Angelina Jolie is dating Keanu. The woman has recently been divorced from Brad Pitt, and Reeves hasn’t had a serious relationship since Sime.

But it all turned out to be a rumor. The fact that Keanu’s mom’s house is located not far from Jolie’s house, so there is nothing surprising that the famous actors often see each other and communicate well.

38. Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton

Reeves met the actress, 18 years older than himself, on the set of the film “Something’s Gotta Give”. The age difference did not embarrass Keanu, because he appreciated in a woman: a sense of humor, maturity, beauty.

The actor’s motorcycle was often seen near the home of the actress, and rumors of an affair existed for more than a year. But soon they stopped being seen together.

39. Keanu Reeves and China Chow

In 2008, not long at all, Reeves dated model and daughter of celebrity chef Michael Chow China. The pair were caught on a romantic vacation on the French Riviera, where they swam, sunbathed and enjoyed each other. But they were never seen together again after that.

40. Keanu Reeves and Jamie Clayton

Another fleeting romance happened with Jamie Clayton. Keanu and Jamie met on the set of the thriller The Neon Demon in 2016. Keanu and Reeves were even seen kissing, but the pair quickly stopped appearing together.

41. Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves

As mentioned above, Keanu Reeves has been single for many years. What was the surprise of fans when the actor appeared in the company of 46-year-old artist Alexandra Grant.

Most fans were happy that Keanu had found a girlfriend. But there were those who found a lot of “unconventional” and “unusual” in the woman. According to these opponents of the girl, Reeves could have found a younger and prettier girl. But it is unlikely that these are real fans of the actor.

Keanu Reeves wouldn’t choose a girl based on her looks. Probably Alexandra Grant interested him with her rich inner world.


42. Why does everyone love Keanu Reeves?
43. What does the name Keanu Reeves mean?
44. Where was Keanu Reeves born?
45. Does Keanu Reeves have an Oscar?
46. What is the color of your eyes?
47. What is the color of your hair?
48. What's the height?
49. What's the weight?
50. What sign of the zodiac?
51. Does he have any tattoos?

Other facts

52. Sad Keanu Reeves

sad Keanu Reeves - original

Despite his fame, Keanu Reeves often appears on the streets sad and all alone. It seems that the actor’s depression will last forever.

He is seen sitting on a bench in the park, drinking coffee on a concrete curb or reading a newspaper on the subway. In 2010, a picture of a sad Reeves eating a sandwich led to the internet meme “Sad Keanu”.

The actor’s Facebook fan page later declared June 15 as “Unofficial Keanu Reeves Cheer Up Day.”

53. Other Keanu Reeves memes

It’s not just “Sad Keanu” that fills the Internet. The actor is loved by many, so they follow his life and turn many situations with him into memes.

You are breathtaking meme

Appeared on June 9, 2019. Reeves appeared at the E3 conference and presented a new trailer for the game Cyberpunk 2077 with himself in one of the roles.

During the show, an audience member shouted from the audience: “You are breathtaking”. Keanu Reeves responded by saying, “No, you’re breathtaking. You’re all breathtaking,” and made a characteristic gesture.

The quote blew up social media, and screenshots of Keanu quickly went viral online and became memes.

Little Keanu Reeves meme

At the same E3 conference, another Keanu Reeves meme was born. Someone shrunk the image and posted it online. Picture became a template for jokes about typical kids behavior.

Little Keanu Reeves meme

The picture was later updated with a life-size Reeves.

Little and big Keanu Reeves meme

Took here Keanu Reeves.

Another meme with the actor was born from the movie Knock Knock. The main character, played by Keanu Reeves, shelters young girls (actresses Lorenza Izzo and Ana de Armas) in his home out of good faith. But a series of events eventually leads to the protagonist being buried up to his head in the ground.

54. Cyberpunk 2077

By the way, there’s a lot to say about the E3 conference. It presented the first trailer of the game Cyberpunk 2077, in which the role of the central character Johnny Silverhand was played by Keanu Reeves.

The game with Keanu Reeves will be released on November 19, 2020. Since 2012, the project was created by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED, which is famous for the series of computer games The Witcher.

55. Keanu Reeves in other computer games

The actor often appears in various games, sometimes unwittingly.

In the popular game Fortnite (Fortnite) there was a skin in a suit named “Reaper”, but players among themselves insistently called him John Wick (a reference to Reeves’ role of the same name). All because the face and costume of the skin resembled that character.

As a result, Epic Games decided to make an official John Wick skin, so that the players would no longer be confused with the “fake” Wick and the real one.

Keanu Reeves in Fortnite

The actor had no idea the game existed until kids started coming up to him on the street and calling him “Reaper.”

Another game where Keanu’s character skins are popular is Minecraft. There are a huge number of Reeves skins, both amateur and official.

Keanu Reeves in Minecraft game

56. Keanu Reeves in a cartoon

The actor played an episodic role in the cartoon “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” which will be released in August 2020. Keanu played the role of a sage in the image of a tumbleweed.

SpongeBob cartoon trailer featuring Reeves

57. Stickers with Keanu Reeves

The actor’s popularity is doing its job and social media is even releasing stickers featuring his image.

Stickers with Keanu Reeves

58. State

As of 2020, Keanu Reeves’ fortune is estimated at $360,000,000.

59. Awards

Keanu Reeves has won several MTV awards during his career: Most Desirable Male (“Point Break”), Best On-Screen Duo (“Speed”), Best Actor (“The Matrix”), Best Fight (“The Matrix”). There were nominations for “Saturn” and many others.

But he also received Golden Raspberry nominations and anti-awards: Worst Actor (“Johnny Mnemonic”), Worst Actor (“Chain Reaction”), Worst Actor (“Hardball”) and others.

60. All Against Reeves’ Sadness

Web-based organization 4Chan, which raises donations to fight cancer, organized a campaign in 2010 to lift the actor’s spirits.

Users noticed that Reeves had become sad, was constantly grieving and no longer had the “drive” that he used to have. Therefore, a campaign was created that urged to send letters of encouragement to the actor.

And for those who really want to help him and people – to make a donation for cancer research. After all, the actor’s sister Kim, was ill with leukemia and such support would make the man happy.

61. Started smoking because of roles

Non-smoking actors have to smoke cigarettes while getting into a role. Keanu confessed that in this way he transferred a bad habit from movies to life, at the age of 30.

62. Keanu Reeves and motorcycles

The actor is a fan of motorcycles and even organized the production of bikes of his own brand Arch Motorcycle Company.

Once, riding his motorcycle without the lights on at night led a young biker to disaster. Riding at night in Topanga Canyon, he crashed on a mountainside, suffering serious injuries: broken ribs and a ruptured spleen.

Suffering terrible pain, the actor was given a refill by a medical attendant. The paramedic loading Keanu into the ambulance dropped the stretcher while loading it.

Keanu was left with a thick scar on his stomach after this accident.

63. Love for the work of Marcel Proust

In an interview with Details Magazine, Reeves said that he has read all of Proust’s works. And that’s more than 1.5 million words, 3,000 pages, seven volumes.

Scott Derrickson, the director of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” called Reeves “the most compulsive reader”.

64. Charity

The actor organized a personal fund to help children’s hospitals, which are engaged in curing cancer. He was moved to do this by his sister’s illness. He personally participated in her treatment, spending more than $5 million.

Keanu Reeves does not advertise his good deeds, but also does not hide that he is engaged in charity. It is known that the actor donated to and supported PETA (an American organization that advocates for animal rights), the SickKids Foundation (a pediatric research hospital) and Stand Up To Cancer (a charity program aimed at raising money for cancer research).

65. Likes watching the Olympics on TV

Because of his busy schedule and workload, the actor can’t watch TV very often.

But one event keeps the actor on TV – the Olympics. He says Olympians spend a lot of time preparing for that one-second event in life. Their performances are years spent for a moment worth watching.

66. Anime

The actor loves watching anime and has long nurtured the idea of an animated anime “Cowboy Bebop”. Keanu himself was going to play Spike, but it has now become clear that the time for that has passed.

By the way, the film rights to are owned by Netflix, so the anime may hit the screens in the future.

67. Keanu Reeves on The Graham Norton Show


68. Featured on the “Famous Atheists” list

When the question of Keanu Reeves’ religion comes up, it’s worth remembering the case of the actor’s inclusion in the “Famous Atheists” list. But Keanu himself considers religion too personal and says little about his own preferences.

He himself does not classify himself as a religious fan, although in 2013 he was interested in Buddhism, and at age 11 he even briefly joined a Bible study group. But he quickly became bored there.

In one interview, he stated, “Religion, spirituality? Yes, I’m a spiritual person, highly spiritual, religion, faith – they’re inside each of us.”

69. The immortal Keanu Reeves

The statement is controversial, but it all started on October 12, 2009, when a user of the website The Panels on Pages noticed the resemblance of Keanu Reeves with Paul Munet, the French actor of the late 19th century. Other users of the network went further and found a resemblance to the Renaissance painter Francesco Parmigianino.

And then began to build entire chains of “immortality” of Reeves:

Immortal Keanu Reeves

70. Everything they say about him is true

In 2020, Keanu Reeves’ stuntman Jeremy Frye confirmed that all the good rumors about the actor are true.

“He’s generous, he’s selfless, he works tirelessly. All the good things you may have heard about him are 110% true,” Cinema Blend quoted the stuntman as saying.

71. In 2008, sued by paparazzi

In 2008, the paparazzi filed a lawsuit against Reeves, accusing him of causing injuries. Allegedly the actor hit the photographer with his personal Porsche. Alonso Silva spent two years trying to collect more than 700 thousand dollars, but when he reached the court, the claim was completely dismissed.

72. Stalkers try to break into Reeves’ house

Several incidents have happened between Reeves and stalkers. In 2014, a woman broke into his library, justifying it by wanting to meet the actor. Police arrested the woman.

A few days later, another member of the movement snuck into his house, took a shower and began bathing naked in the pool. The cleaning company suspected something was wrong and reported it to Reeves. The girl was arrested.

73. Where does Keanu Reeves live?

Reeves did not have his own home for a long time. The actor preferred to live in hotels and rental apartments. He was a regular at the famous California hotel “Chateau Marmont”.

Now he owns a house in Hollywood and an apartment in the Central Park area in New York.

The actor’s home is worth about $8,000,000 and was purchased in 2003. It is located in Manson in the Hollywood Hills, and is close to Leonardo DiCaprio’s home. The residence is called “Chateau Marmort,” which means Chateau Marmort in French.

74. Sister’s Illness

The actor has three sisters: Kim Reeves (born 1966), Emma Reeves (born 1980) and Karina Miller (born 1976).

In January 2003, Keown’s older sister began to progress with leukemia. Terrible diagnosis Kim was diagnosed back in 1993, but for 10 years, the disease managed to stop.

In 2003, Keanu Reeves practically gave up filming and surrounded his sister with love and care. A huge amount of money he gave to the treatment and care for her. A few years later, the actor took part in the program “Stars Against Cancer”, where he said that his sister managed to defeat leukemia.

75. Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are married

In an interview, actress Winona Ryder stated that she is married to Keanu Reeves.

During the filming of “Dracula”, director Francis Ford Coppola invited a real Romanian priest for the wedding scene, who performed the necessary ceremony and got the actors married. It happened on Valentine’s Day.

The actors were never formally married.

76. Monica Bellucci embarrassed Keanu on set

According to the script of the movie “Dracula”. Monica Bellucci was supposed to flirt with Keanu Reeves. It was unaccustomed for the young actors to do it on camera, so Reeves was very embarrassed. Many years later, Monica admitted that she decided to continue her career as an actress, including thanks to Keanu, as she liked his cute behavior.

77. Keanu Reeves in the metro

The actor has proved many times in practice that he is not a star. He often uses public transportation in the U.S., gives way to other passengers and even signs autographs for those who want them.

78. Keanu Reeves with Mohawk and beard

In the summer of 2019, the actor shocked the public by wearing a Mohawk, a chic beard and a bare stomach. It soon turned out that these were photos from the filming of the new part of the movie about the adventures of Ted Logon and his friend, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

79. Keanu Reeves’ Instagram

The actor does not keep any social media accounts as a matter of principle.

Although he would be popular, because even fan accounts of Reeves gained a large number of followers.

For example, the account in Twitter – keanu doing things (Keanu does things), it is signed by more than 250,000 people. This page publishes photos of Reeves doing everyday things. Only the most popular photos are those of Keanu Reeves drunk.

80. Interview

Interesting moments from Keanu Reeves’ interview

81. Marvel Studios offered Keanu Reeves a role in all their movies

Producer Marvel universe Kevin Feigy admitted that they’ve wanted to invite Reeves for a long time. But so far they have not found a suitable role for the actor.

Something similar happened with another named actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. It took him a long time to find a suitable role, until finally, the character of Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home was introduced.

As for Keanu, they want to give him a role in “Eternals,” another superhuman film adaptation from Marvel.

82. Keanu Reeves as Ghost Rider

Fans of the actor see him in the image of the anti-hero Ghost Racer, so the first rumors about it and the first videos appeared in the network:

83. Keanu Reeves as Wolverine

After it was revealed that Hugh Jackman ended his story as Wolverine, Reeves was suggested for the role of the next Wolverine.

Fan art of Keanu Reeves as Wolverine:

Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram

Публикация от Pablo (@pabloruizzx)

84. Keanu Reeves as Darth Revan

Fans of the Star Wars universe, of course, also want to see the famous actor in their favorite universe.

Reeves as Darth Revan

85. Keanu Reeves’ autograph

Early in his career, Keanu used a complicated version of the signature, but over time, he has greatly simplified it.

86. How Keanu Reeves’ understudy became his boss

When the Wachowskis were looking for an understudy for Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix,” their choice fell on Chad Stahelski. The man had to undergo a one-and-a-half-hour audition, during which he repeated the movements of an action scene consultant. The effort was worth it, because Chad was Reeves’ understudy in all three parts of “The Matrix”.

But in 2014, Chad was already Keanu Reeves’ boss. Chad directed all three “John Wick” movies, with Reeves as the lead actor.

87. Keanu Reeves doesn’t hug girls

Fans often want to be photographed with their idol, and the actor never says no, but in the photo, Keanu Reeves does not hug girls. In the photo with the girls, the man holds his arms slightly apart.

88. Keanu Reeves doesn’t age

Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and Jared Leto are often included in picks of people who don’t age. No one considers them immortal, of course, but it is noted that they have not changed much over the years.

89. Got into history textbooks

In 2018, Ukraine published a textbook on world history for the tenth grade, recommended for schools by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. It was in this textbook that attentive readers found a photo with Keanu Reeves.

The original 1932 photograph, “Lunch on a Skyscraper,” featured 11 workers, but the textbook included a collage with Reeves. Later, the author of the textbook explained the mishap by the fact that he put the collage in the textbook on purpose, to test the attention of students.

By the way, a map from the game series TES “Scyrim” had previously appeared in the textbook on “Geography” in Ukraine.

90. How Reeves Became Belarusian

In one of the movies, John Wick admits that he comes from Belarus. The people of that country beat it up beautifully and released a video urging actor Keanu Reeves to return home.

91. Keanu Reeves Style

Keanu Reeves’ favorite casual style of dress is jeans combined with a jacket or coat, which the actor usually completes with a scarf, a hat and a beard.

But with the beginning of a new relationship, the man began to take better care of himself – he shaved off his beard, and his clothing style changed to a more neat.

Not all fans have taken a positive view of Reeves without a beard, there are heated arguments on social media whenever the actor carefully shaves.

92. Keanu Reeves becomes the new face of Saint Laurent

In 2019, the brand Saint Laurent shocked everyone by starting to post on Instagram photos of Keanu Reeves from the shooting of the advertising campaign.

93. Rarely does he do commercials

Reeves very rarely poses for glossy magazines, and even more rarely does he participate in commercial campaigns. That is why the appearance in Saint Laurent ads was very unexpected.

A year earlier, the actor also starred in a promo for the website creation platform Squarespace.

94. Prepares responsibly for every role

For “The Matrix” he and the other actors studied martial arts for six months, and for “John Wick” he took a special course on firearms.

Video: Keanu Reeves training at the shooting range

95. Gay?

In late 2019, Canadian director Bruce LaBruce shared photos on Instagram of a young Keanu Reeves in the arms of actor Carl Marotte.

Fans of the actor were shocked, but it was later revealed that the kisses and hugs in the photo had nothing to do with Reeves’ orientation. Keanu is in the photo, but the photo set was taken in 1984 for the play Wolfboy, where the guys played gay.

This is not Keanu Reeves’ only flamboyant gay role, in 1991 he played along with River Phoenix in the drama My Own Private Idaho.

96. Joaquin Phoenix asked Keanu to be his witness at his wedding to Rooney Mara

As a young man, Keanu Reeves was friends with Reaver Phoenix. Years later, his brother, Joaquin Phoenix, asked Reeves to be his best man at his wedding. The family felt it was the best way to honor Rivera, especially since everyone treated Keanu well.

97. How Keanu Reeves “disarmed” a burglar

In 2019, a video of Keanu Reeves disarming a criminal appeared online. Already at the very end of the video, it becomes clear that the video is fake – made with Deepfake.

98. Keanu Reeves adrenochrome?

Another fake about Keanu appeared in 2017, when several media outlets came out with an interview with the actor in which he admitted to consuming infant blood for pleasure.

Most of the actor’s fans didn’t believe it, while others began to point out that the man was too well-preserved for his years.

It soon turned out that Reeves did not give any interview at all at the time. None of the reputable media outlets confirmed the information either, and then the original source of the information was deleted as well.

But in other sources also sometimes appears information that Keanu Reeves is fighting against adrenochrome, and even exposes the top Hollywood. But again, the information only appears in dubious sources.

99. Bared buttocks on the beach

In January 2020, photos of Keanu Reeves relaxing on the beach were circulated online. The problem for the actor was that while changing his clothes, he accidentally exposed not the most appropriate parts of his body.

It’s no secret that paparazzi dream of taking pictures of a naked Keanu Reeves. This time they almost managed to do it.

Photos of Keanu Reeves

short facts

  • 100. Reeves is left-handed, but plays the bass guitar with his right hand. Because of this, many do not understand at once whether he is left-handed or right-handed.
  • 101. In 2011 he wrote the script for the film “Ode to Happiness”.
  • 102. It may sound strange and unpredictable, but the actor likes ballroom dancing.
  • 103. In the 2000′s, performed with the grunge band Becky.
  • 104. Keanu Reeves celebrated his 46th birthday outside, with a cupcake. And if fans asked to be photographed, he never refused.
  • 105. The actor’s fortune is estimated at 350 million dollars.
  • 106. In one interview he admitted that he is colorblind.
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42. Why does everyone love Keanu Reeves?
Keanu's positive image has been formed over the years. A variety of roles have found resonance in the hearts of people of all ages: youth comedies, serious dramatic roles, action films "The Matrix" and "John Wick", the voice of cartoons and work with motion capture in games.

Not to forget modest behavior and charity work.
43. What does the name Keanu Reeves mean?
Keanu's name translates from Hawaiian as "cool wind over the mountains."
44. Where was Keanu Reeves born?
Beirut, Lebanon.
45. Does Keanu Reeves have an Oscar?
Unfortunately, Keanu was not even nominated for this prestigious award.
46. What is the color of your eyes?
Dark brown.
47. What is the color of your hair?
Dark brown.
48. What's the height?
6,1 ft.
49. What's the weight?
185 lbs.
50. What sign of the zodiac?
51. Does he have any tattoos?
Reeves has no tattoos, but for many roles he painted them.

For example, for the role of John Wick actor painted on his back the inscription "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" the motto of the 3rd Marines in Hawaii) and Albrecht Durer's engraving "Praying Hands".